CFO and controller services – Whether you need a CFO or controller for just a few days a week/ month or you’re experiencing difficulties in your accounting department, CFO Professional Service, LLC was designed to meet your needs.  We have highly experience financial professionals with a background in helping companies succeed.  Each of our professionals has over 25 years of experience dealing with difficult and challenging environments.  This expertise equips them to provide a wealth of experience that you can use to enhance your organization. 

SEC reporting – We can help your company deal with the complex world of SEC reporting.  We have the expertise to work with your legal counsel to prepare registrations statements and the subsequent periodic reports (e.g. - Form 10Ks and Form 10Qs).   Our professionals have the necessary resources and expertise to deal with complex transactions and SEC comment letters.
We have worked with our clients on complex business and capital structures using a variety of debt and equity instruments.  We can help you plan these transactions and show you the impact to your financial statements before they occur.  This includes preventing the often detrimental impact of derivative liabilities that are created by certain debt or equity transactions.  We are experienced in tracking and accounting for complex equity structures that involve various common and preferred stock alternatives as well as stock options, warrants and convertible securities.  We can help you foresee potential toxic securities before they occur.

Business turn-around and cash management services – We have helped a number of companies deal with their financial difficulties.  Our services including helping clients:

  • Analyze and improve systems to properly track, manage and conserve cash.
  • Design and implement daily cost controls. 
  • Develop restructuring plans. 
  • Improve systems to provide the best information to optimize your potential for success.

Since our professionals have helped struggling companies work their way back to profitability, they can be a very valuable resource to understand and deal with the financial strains on your company.

Accounting department management and consulting - If you have problems getting accurate and timely information, we can help you evaluate the source of those problems.  If you already know the source, we can help you resolve the problems whether that includes additional staff training or system improvements.  We can also help you interview and evaluate potential applicants to fill open accounting positions. 

Business and asset valuation services – We have a trained valuation professional who can help you value your assets for accounting purposes in accordance with the new fair value accounting standards or to help you understand the value of your business. 

Merger and acquisitions due diligence services – Our professionals have been through merger and acquisitions on both the purchaser and seller sides of the transaction.  With this experience, they can help identify and execute the due diligence necessary to protect your interests. 

Certified QuickBooks consulting services – Our certified QuickBooks consultant can help you though a wide range of QuickBooks challenges.  This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Initial installation of QuickBooks
  • Training staff
  • Design and Installation of add-on packages to perform tasks not covered by QuickBooks (e.g.- Integration into payroll time keeping systems, inventory tracking and management, etc.)
  • Help recovering lost or damage accounting data
  • Importing and exporting data
  • Custom financial reporting

Whether you’re new to QuickBooks or have used it for years, we can help you make your accounting and reporting more effective.

Accounting software implementations – We can help you manage the selection and implementation of a new accounting system.  We will help identify the business and informational reporting needs of your organization and evaluate the alternatives packages being considered by your company.  We can then help you manage the resources necessary for a successful implementation of a new system.

Audit preparation and accounting consulting services – We can help your company save time and money in preparing for your external audit or review.  Our professionals have audit experience that allows them to know exactly what your auditors need to make your audit less costly and less disruptive to your business.  If your company’s information is properly balance and presented, your auditors won’t need to spend time reviewing and reworking your financial information.  The inefficiencies created by inaccurate, incomplete or unorganized data can easily cause your auditors to double or triple their budget.  Those excess costs are typically passed on to you in current or subsequent audits fees.

Additionally, since our professionals are also familiar with both accounting and auditing standards they can help you negotiate difficult accounting and auditing issues.  We have help many companies develop the appropriate business logic and documentation to prevent or eliminate a potentially damaging going concern audit opinions from the company’s financial statements.   We have also help numerous companies navigate new and complex accounting standards to not only help them select the most appropriate accounting alternative but to also proactively help companies review transaction before they are finalized to prevent negative impacts to their financial statements.

Internal control design and consulting services - Our professionals can help you evaluate and maximize the cost effectiveness of you system of internal accounting control.  Whether it’s to comply with Sarbanes Oxley laws or to provide protections to the company’s assets and financial statement reporting, our staff can help you design, implement and test your internal controls with the least amount of interruption to your organization.